W88 casino optimal DE w88 】 【 2015-2016 French football league round 30 race

Beijing time on March 12th (Saturday) 03:30, was approaching 30 in 2015-2016 French football league round, here small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/3/12 (Saturday)03:30Monacolance 2016/3/13 (Sunday)00:00lorientmarseille 2016/3/13 (Sunday)03:00bastialille 2016/3/13 (Sunday)03:00Ajaccio shawcaen 2016/3/13 (Sunday)03:00guingampSt. dean 2016/3/13 (Sunday)03:00Montpellier,nice 2016/3/13 (Sunday)03:00Toulouse,bordeaux
2016/3/13 (Sunday)At 21:00troyesParis st germain 2016/3/14 (Monday)03:00nantesangers 2016/3/14 (Monday)04:00RyanLyon

Monaco VS lance

“Data analysis”,

1, Monaco now won 13 about 12 flat 4 ranks second in the league, one of themAt 7-5-2 stable performance, score 1.43 a game at home.

2, lance now recorded 8 about 8 flat 13 league ranked 16th, three guest unsatisfactory – 3-8, averaging a sheet number as high as 1.73 more than a third.

3, 6 rounds of league performance, recent Monaco 3 wins 3 flat performance is relatively stable, while lance has 3-3 state is not stable.

4, so far the two sides met nine times, including the 3-3-3 not points, meet for the first time this season in MonacoGuest a 1-0 away win.

[dish analysis],

From the top of the current situation, Monaco greater had 23 points gap, next game will be directly in the face of Paris, even win also hard to surpass rivals, so the Monaco hold rating of 2 games better way is to win the game.

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