Recommended – in the champions league matches city VS dynamo Kiev

At 3 am, Beijing time on March 16, 45, 2015-16 second leg, one 8 season in the champions league final premiership giants Manchester city will ask gerhard o at home stadium against dynamo Kiev Ukraine giants.

Sergio aguero scored in an instant


Manchester city: 1 – hart.3 – sagna, 4 -Kompany, di 30 – the pylons, 22 – clichy;25 to fernand dinho, 6 – fernando;21 – David silva, 42 – yaya toure, 7 – sterling;10-


Dynamo Kiev: 1 – Sir Khodorkovsky;2 – silva, 34 and cherry di, 6 – just Della, 5 – antunes;17 – ray barr card, 4 – miguel veloso;10 – al MoLianKe, 19 – in Galveston, 25 – gonzalez marsh;11-

moraisAguero celebrate with the team

The historical record:

Both teams played only three times in history, city 2.In the one 8 uefa champions league final this season first leg match, Manchester city away to a 3-1 victory over dynamo Kiev.

Manchester city players celebrate goals

Manchester city boss a point is to win the bid farewell to

Over the weekend of the premier league, Manchester city away by a buoyant Norwich 0-0 draw, now already 11 points behind the premiership leaders, win basic hopeless.They will adjust the focus to the uefa champions league tournament.Coach Manuel pellegrini made it clear that “since I will leave at the end of the season, so the best way to say goodbye is to win the champions league. I was on the malaga and villarreal have led in the champions league last eight, which also once into the champions league semi-final. Qualification to the champions league last eight as long as we can, then I think Manchester city are not afraid to face any big teams and players.”

Silva after sterling assist scoring

Point 2: yaya toure has returned from injury,

Manchester city midfielder yaya toure has missed the last round of premier league after heel injury, but on Monday from yaya toure injury and took part in the whole team is progressing.Coach Manuel pellegrini said, “yaya toure sure can join the game tomorrow.”This is a good news for Manchester city.Statistics show that yaya toure played this season Manchester city’s winning percentage is 65.4%, and Manchester city wins his absenceRate of only 50%.In addition, another Manchester city midfielder del also injury recovery training this week, now the city of the wounded left brow and nasri.

Silva clinging finish scoring

Dynamo kyiv state back to the third point is yong ()

First leg at home 1-3 defeat dynamo Kiev, but this is largely because Ukraine premier league winter break is too long, it was after the winter break dynamo Kiev’s first official match, so the team has not been adjusted to best state.But after the champions league first leg, baseAuxiliary dynamo took part in two consecutive league and 1 cup of Ukraine, Ukraine made unbeaten record of 2 wins and a draw, the condition of the players also gradually restored, this will help to win the champions league.Although losses, dynamo kyiv coach ray rebrov has said, not to give up hope promotion in the second leg, and Manchester city not to despise your enemy.

A city back in Kiev

Match analysis:

Late last month, Manchester city beat Ukraine in the first leg away to a 3-1 in the opponent, the larger advantage.After the war,Manchester city immediately crowned champions in the carling cup at home, but play in the premiership not equal to idea, gradually fell out of the title race.

After the winter break, dynamo Kiev in the domestic league with two back-to-back victories, this makes the players gradually erased the champions league first leg defeat frustration, confidence again now.But the last time they visited stadium defeat to Manchester city to al-ittihad, this war again, Kiev and all the members will make the spirit of an extremely.

, by contrast, double rivals Manchester city more hopes home, into the champions league next round.

The tower door di headed clearance

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