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08:30 on March 16, , 2016The spurs VS clippers The two sides are expected to start: The SAN Antonio spurs: Leonard, lamarcus aldridge, Tim Duncan, Tony parker, Danny green;The clippers: Paul, small Jordan, mulder, riddick, Jeff green.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: the SAN Antonio spurs – 9 points.

In the first round of the playoffs last season, the spurs and the clippers, eventually the two sides in game 7, the clippers on Paul’s last Saturday, advanced to the second round in total score 4-3, for both teams, it is also a problem.Griffin is still in the truce at present, the spurs’ pressure sharply reduce interior defense, they also need to Paul incursion.

The spurs recently state, have won three straight after the victory over the thunder, losing only 1 nearly 10 games, the team in the west with 56 about 10 second, from the first warrior there is a difference of 3.5 games.In the rest of the regular season, the SAN Antonio spurs and west first warriors still have 3 meetings, if can win the last two of them even more, it is not possible for lead against the warriors, but the premise is the team in the face of competitors must win more than the warriors.As the spurs’ offensive arrow, Leonard in the past five games can get 23.6 points, but his 3-point percentage fell, during this period averaged outside shots is only 29.2%, a much lower than the season average of 46.5%.

But the clippers is bad luck, first by a rage revenge success, followed by knight, big points this season at the beginning of the second echelonChampions, but now he is off the top four in the west and drop speed is breathtaking.The team recently and own backyard, forward brandon Dawson was arrested by the police due to domestic violence.For the clippers, after the defeat suffered the worst season, they have to do is to rebound.Although no griffin, but Paul, riddick, Jordan and others try to drive the team, they want to be in this time of five consecutive has better performance.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the spurs to nine points wins the game.

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