W88 optimal DE club hall – roulette table 7 excellence

The best club seven great hall – roulette table online now!Can receive seven players online betting at the same time!Extraordinary game audio-visual enjoyment, beautiful reality dealer to login website immediately play!!!!

Please login the best club great hall, choose seven sat view 】 【 into the game.The diagram below:

After entering the game page, see the can accommodate seven players to bet at the same time.The diagram below:

The “sofa” icon in the lower left the game page can choose to enterOther room, can be directly click “sofa” icon to switch room.The diagram below:

If you are a 2 d or 3 d game mode, you can click on the game page directly to the left under “sofa” icon to switch to the seven table, or click the page at the top of the seven video mode switch to the table.The diagram below:

Seven sat view can receive seven players playing online at the same time.7 seats as if in real casino, let you bet not lonely, in the home also can experience the ultimate extraordinary enjoy!Come onCompetition with other players, enjoy ~

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