W88.com recommended – valle Spanish league matches the carnot VS Barcelona

04:00 in March 4, 2016 the two sides are expected to start: Mr Cano: carlos, queenie, Fidel castro, slightly trent, Tito, the tula, travolta soulas, barr, petey, beibei, manucho;Barcelona: bravo, vidal, javier mascherano, Gerard pique, adriano, Kitty, busquets, andres iniesta and messi, omar, suarez,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Barcelona – 2 ball.

History of the two sides met 33 times, fullDepartment’s la liga match, valle cano 4-8-21, 28 goals in 103 pitches, 16 league games at home, the carnot 3-6-7, 17 goals in 38 goals.Recent 10 meeting between the two, Barcelona all, the last loss to valle cano also traced back to 2002-2003 season 13 rounds (0-1) away from home.Last season, Barcelona home 6-1, 2-0 victory;The eighth round of this season, Barcelona 5-2 home victory.

On wheel at home against rival sevilla, Barcelona has increased the team’s unbeaten record to 33, tied for 1988-1889 season when this huck coaching real Madrid 34 unbeaten record, if it’s over, cano, Barcelona will monopolize the longest unbeaten record of the Spanish team.At the same time, it will also be Barcelona league unbeaten 20, 10 games, from 2009-2010 season league unbeaten and 21, 2010-2011 season, 16 successive premiership games each have 1 and 6.

Barca three lines, the momentum of rapid, big break points of the season record this season and la liga winning streak.And Barcelona’s current lineup is complete, MSN the state of the fireHot, Sue tooth les is expected to competition this season’s top scorer to break all the year round to the cauldron rule, for the honor of Barcelona will go all out.And team currently advantage by 8 points, the team hope to retain the early, to ensure that the champions league, so every game for Barcelona to beat.Throughout the two records, and franchise meetings, Barcelona to Pakistan in recent years, cano all repeatedly and a large margin, the smallest gap to achieve two goals, its advantage is very obvious.

Recommend valle cano refusal under two goals wins.

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