W88.com optimal DE W88 】 【 the Italian football league round of 28, 2015-2016

Beijing time on March 5 days (Saturday) 03:45, for 2015-2016 in the Italian football league round 1, below small make up take you preview event arrangement in advance.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/3/5 (Saturday)03:45The RomanFlorence 2016/3/6 (Sunday)01:00veronasampleah 2016/3/6 (Sunday)03:45Napleschievo 2016/3/6 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.Turin,lazio 2016/3/6 (Sunday)22:00Atlanta,Juventus 2016/3/6 (Sunday)22:00bolognaCarl skin 2016/3/6 (Sunday)22:00Mr Rossi’s insideudineseThe 2016/3/6 (Sunday)22:00Genoaempoli 2016/3/6 (Sunday)22:00Mr SolowAC milan 2016/3/7 (Monday)03:45Inter milanPalermo

Rome VS fiorentina

In the two sides in the past six meetings, Rome 2 wins and two draws.

【 near-term 】
Roman: – - – - – -
Florence: flat pingsheng wins –

【 little data 】
Roma in serie a 6 in a row.
Roma in the past six serie a game, scoring of not less than two at a time.
4 times Roman’s serie a game in the past, each time the total scoring more than 2.5.
Fiorentina in the past 7 times in serie a games unbeaten.

【 event related 】
A hat-trick of Rome in the league, the team performanceImprovement makes red Wolf nearly six battle wins.Although a few days will struggle again with real Madrid’s champions league competition, but the red Wolf presumably won’t be in the squad for a big adjustment, because they focus more on the domestic league competition.

Florence was eliminated by the spurs out of the champions league, and earlier in the week to within the draw with napoli, until to Rome, they have only four days for rest to prepare.The viola will strive to closely to Rome in the league, but this past schedule in tension of the players have exhausted.

The two teams with 53 points to internazionale at presentLeft behind, as long as napoli and Juventus in the remaining fixtures stumble, they can hit 2 seats.The serie a and then there were ten round this week, before the game to win one party will be in three huge advantage in the competition.

Believe that the war must watch, Roman sainz slightly dominant.However, this is the second coach luciano spalletti facing the first real test since the red Wolf, and he and all the soldiers to resist the impact of the viola is worth looking forward to very much.

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