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Beijing time on March 5 days (Saturday) 03:30, will soon celebrate France football league 2015-2016 round, 29 below small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/3/5 (Saturday)03:30caenMonaco 2016/3/6 (Sunday)00:00Paris st germainMontpellier, 2016/3/6 (Sunday)03:00angersSt. dean 2016/3/6 (Sunday)03:00bastialorient 2016/3/6 (Sunday)03:00bordeauxAjaccio shaw 2016/3/6 (Sunday)03:00lillelance 2016/3/6 (Sunday)03:00nicetroyes 2016/3/6 (Sunday)At 21:00marseilleToulouse, 2016/3/7 (Monday)00:00Ryannantes 2016/3/7 (Monday)04:00Lyonguingamp

Caen VS Monaco

Caen status:

French now swim team, or a hierarchical team is so dramatic, before the two rounds of caen also row in pointsList 10 position, after successive scored 6 points, the team entered the ligue 1 champions again a war zone, ranking fourth.In the second half of the season is really dark horse, at the best time of the season season out of the limelight of caen, the second half of the season once grades slipped, but recently the team found the status again.Wheel on the team on the road all the way by st. dean suppression, through 3 minutes in the second half two goals quickly solved the battle.After Monaco it through this round, the team over the next few games are facing relegation team, so they have a lot of opportunities to get points.But considering the lawThe strong competition between a mid-table teams this season, caen to quota chuai pocket for next season in Europe also need to keep winning.

Monaco are:

Monaco is now in the position of the table 2 still has the advantage of eight points, performance difference is very big, the team’s recent at home and away team has four straight at home, but have 4 games in a row on the road.On the wheel then away in nantes, the match down the team only two shots, this is shot in Monaco all games this season the minimum number of a game.Of course, nantes defense truly impressiveCan only say that Monaco, but hand over such data attack desire is not particularly strong.Team there are shortages of morale, now they lead in the second place, after all, the eight points, and after Paris st germain and delusional about, so now the team motivation is also understandable.The manager may also arrange young luo ding as first-choice strikers, obviously the manager interested in training talents for the next season, and will to win have been on the second.


Meetings between the two sides in recent 10 games, caen made 3-6-1 negative results, occupy absolute advantage, they has a big psychological advantage to Monaco, play the first leg of the season with a 1-1 draw.

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