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On March 5, 2016, 11 is expected to start on both sides: the lakers: Russell, kobe Bryant, brown, Randall, Hilbert;The eagle: teague, warren, basil, Paul milsap, horford


Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: eagle – 9.5.

Russell hot lately, the last four games, he scored all of at least 20 points.With the nets, Russell scored 39 points 6 rebounds, made eight remember three points.Loss to Denver,He also had 24 points and six assists.As will finish this season, the second is also show their own value.The eagle, teague originally speculation may be traded away, but in the end or stay.After the all-star weekend, teague performance has ups and downs, and the battle of the warrior, only seven points and six assists.And, of course, once the teague, the eagle can will schroeder on the front.

On the lakers’ 117-107 at a loss to the nuggets, 10 feet 9 games recently.A team of 4 players in double figures, including Russell 24 points 1 rebounds 6 assists, clarkson 13 points 3 basketPlate, Randall 17 points and seven rebounds 1 assists, substitute buss 11 point 1 backboard 1 assists.Comprehensive statistics, the lakers shot 44.3%, including 35.5% from beyond the arc, ft percentage is 81.3%.Rebounding is total 31 and assists the total 19 times.

The eagles on a 109-105 loss to the warriors.The six players in double figures, including 11 points and 7 rebounds 1 assists warren, Paul milsap 19 points 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 15 points and nine rebounds 1 assists Bates Moore, horford 17 points and 3 rebounds 9 assists, substituteThe Scott 11 points 1 rebound.According to statistics, the eagle on a comprehensive ratio of 46.3%, 36.4% of his three-point attempts, ft percentage is 79.2%.Rebounding is total 42 and assists the total 25 times.Hawks played very well, actually it’s a pity that met BUG warriors, away to lose to win.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the lakers, recommend the transferee 9.5 points wins.

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