Recommended – the hornets VS w88 casinoNBA matches the sun

08:00 on March 2, in 2016The hornets VS the sun is The two sides are expected to start: No: Walker, courtney – lee, batum, Marvin Williams and zeller;Sun: Price, booker, tucker, Ryan and chandler.

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, the hornets – 13 points.

huangBees will be at home at 8 o ‘clock in the morning Beijing time 2 against the sun.The hornets state well lately, the sun of the face are in a great mess, are now in a critical period in the playoffs for the charlotte team, must not miss opportunities to win the game.Jeremy is expected to play excellent performance in the game.

Awful the SUNS this season, plummeting team since January, including team injuries, removal of the season at the core of brad cable, such as warren and another central defender knight is high also sitting idle, especially in the big striker because morris and team conflict is after the deal, the club into the current reconstructionPhase.The rookie guard booker well, averaging 10.6 points this season, 38.7% from three.

Hornets play well this season, the team at the top of the eastern 6, but on the record and east 9 pistons same record, visible playoff team situation is very unstable.Hornets bench squad this season, rulin book Howe and lamb are a team with enough firepower.But since the team after the center Jefferson to substitute, first team instead weakened, such as batum and team chemistry is not the best.

Optimal DE W88 western sports remind: recommend the hornets to 13 points wins the game.

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