W88.com instant return water – application guide

Optimal DE W88 cash pool, mirage, the Vatican, gold emperor, golden cup, spittor, golden seven slot machines and happy color has now launched instant return water new features!Casino slot machines, and happy color instant return water, immediately login speed experience!

How to apply for a page to return water?

After you log on optimal DE W88 account, click on the page to the upper right corner shows you the location of the user name (pictured), the pop-up window click on the “return water/rescue gold”, select the time you want to apply for, select clubs have you applied forDepartment.

Return water report – W88 optimal DE website,

Optimal DE W88 instant cash return water based on you in the real casino, seven slot machines and happy color game total bets on the forehead of the return of the Mosaic gold, you only need to click on: “instant application”, that is to play for a quick, without waiting for.


In about 30 minutes after the game, you can update the instant return water report, apply for instant return water.Instant return water amount is the minimum 5 yuan, the highest uncapped.


Instant return water only in the week to apply for, if you forget to click on apply for return water last week, may contact customer service for online application (only) last week.

Sports page you can click on the return water left, apply for weeks return water 】 【 after entering select the product that you want to apply for, and then click on the “confirm” to submit.

Submit success tips: (pictured),

More favourable for details, please contact online customer service 24 hours a day, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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