W88 optimal DE w88 】 【 German bundesliga round 24, 2015-2016

Beijing time on March 2nd 03:00 (Wednesday), will soon celebrate the 20th round of 2015-2016 the German bundesliga game, here small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/3/203:00Because of the gore Tuesdaycologne 2016/3/203:00Hannover 96Wolff,fort 2016/3/303:00Bayer leverkusenWerder Bremen 2016/3/303:00The door is popularStuttgart, 2016/3/303:00Bayern Munichmainz 2016/3/303:00Schalke 04Hamburg 2016/3/303:00Hertha BerlinFrankfurt 2016/3/303:00darmstadtBorussia Dortmund 2016/3/303:00hoffenheimaugsburg

For gore Mr Eberstadt vs cologne

1, because of ingolstadt Tate is 30 points 23 games was ranked ninth, newly promoted a foothold in the bundesliga.The team goal is not much, but solid defense helped, lost 1.04 league goals, goals conceded with hertha Berlin.

2, for gore Tuesday near 5 game 24 win 1 draw and home winning streak, the recent home winning streak is pretty good.Round of league in a 1-1 draw away hamburgers, hitt Selma 61th minute equaliser, nearly 2 game 1 win 1 draw.

3, now 29 points 23 games cologne was ranked 10th, it is harder upwards to go forward.There is no for gore Mr Eberstadt solid team defense, has lost 29 goals in the league, which lost 18 goals on the road.

4, cologne on round league 1-0 defeat at home to hertha Berlin, 2 in a row, and 2 consecutive not goals.The recent road record is not ideal, nearly five away onlyThere are 4 flat.

5, the two sides nearly six meetings, because of ingolstadt, two wins and two draws two negative 1 win 1 draw at home.Events point, the two sides nearly six times in four consecutive play ball.

The home team without wanting to get too in the middle position, nearly 2 game 1 win 1 draw, is four straight at home, such a performance is assured.The visiting team recent downturn in the state entry last league defeat at home to encounter in a row, the recent road is also a win is hard to find.Cologne in trailing does not fall in the wind, the game unbeaten and also is very likely.

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