W88.com recommended – Norwich VS Chelsea premier league matches

03:45 on March 2, in 2016Norwich VS Chelsea The two sides are expected to start: Norwich: Lardy, pinto, Bennett, Martin, klose, brady, Raymond, Thai, hogan &hartson, naismith, amber carney;Chelsea: Kurt tuva, aspen leather quetta, cahill, ivanovic, Kennedy, John obi mikel, cesc fabregas, azar, Oscar, William, diego – costa.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Chelsea – 0.5-1 ball.
It has been joined Chelsea, although the winter but in the recent one month, pato has been refreshed in training, he always failed to make the team roster.The key visit Norwich, guus hiddink said the Brazilian state of body is suitable for 90 minutes, so for pato, he is expected to be in this have made his debut for Chelsea.

Norwich at present with 6-6-15, 24 pointsA league 17th, in the relegation zone position.In the 13 games at home, harvest 4-4 flat 5 grades, 24 goals scored 18 goals and lost.Last weekend was on the road leading scoring a 1-0 victory over leicester in the last moment. Missing defender wes’s knee injury, injured in training centre half bassoons and midfielder he han play in doubt.Boss Alexander neill would continue to use 5 defender formation against the strong.Amber carney replace jie laumiere as center.

Chelsea 2-1 reverse away at Southampton last weekend, the left brake baba at halftime fell into a coma he can start will also see captainThe central defender John terry’s injury.Coach guus hiddink alternatives for use on rotation under baba Kennedy guest left brake.Striker alexandre pato recovery in physical fitness, have the opportunity to usher in the premier league debut in the next were hanging.7 minutes of injuries last weekend winger pedro, Oscar will replace him.Lower back matic have competition starting in May, but have a greater chance for John obi mikel and cesc fabregas partner double waist.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended Chelsea let half a ball games.

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