W88.com recommended – knight vs. indiana NBA matches

08:00 on March 1, , 2016The knight VS the pacers The two sides are expected to start: Knight: Irvine, Smith, lebron, joachim loew, Thompson;The pacers: Hill, Ellis, George, Turner, company m.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: knight – eight points.

Beijing time three1 at 8 a.m., the NBA regular season Cleveland cavaliers will be at home against the indiana pacers.Two recent state are falling, the pacers suffered two straight loss to Portland today, currently ranked sixth in the east.Cavaliers today’s defeat in the morning to the wizards, recent two defeats, also is still in the 1 in the east.Two teams in the first two meetings, keep all the cavaliers.

The cavaliers this season as a whole performed well, the team has been comfortably in the eastern conference’s first position, but only 1.5 field advantage, but the team is the biggest problem is too dependent on huang zhan.A scene of strength is notOutstanding wizards, lebron James rest, Carey – Michael Owen scored 28 points 6 assists, and Kevin low 12 points 5 rebounds, was back home the cavaliers are expected to turn around.

The pacers after the home win over the knicks carelessness jingzhou one point by visiting the hornets, the team almost five games 3 and state of the team is not bad.As the current east top five teams, the pacers won 18 at home this season, the team home capacity credit.Against the knight, the pacers will regain team defensive nature, this is possible.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the pacers refusal under eight points wins the game.

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