W88.com GPI 31888 yuan bonus game on Sunday

Fighting to win prize money 31888 yuan, without running water withdrawals.

Rules and terms:

1. Registered members every Sunday 21:00:00 (Beijing time) at the GPI finals should meet the following requirements:

productThe yuantickets GPI finals on Sunday5001

2. Members can GPI free tickets for the finals on Sunday by GPI semi-final win in the competition.

3. Up to 100 people participating in all currencies.Qualification follow the principle of first come first served.

4. Members must be registered before the game, starting virtual chips for 10000.

5. Virtual chips not cash withdrawal.

6. All awards provided by the GPI.

7. List of real-time updates, in order to make sure championship events are open and fair.

“The strong> 8 bonus structures:

rankingparticipation 2-910-2728-3637 to 4546-5455-63.64-64.73-8182-108 120727.21594414349.6127551275511160.810363.69566.48769.2 211160.89566.49566.4860979727174.86696.486377.65899.28 = “36377.64783.24783.24783.24783.24783.24783.24464.32 43188.83188.83188.83188.83188.83188.83029.36 525512391.62391.62391.62391.62232.16 61753.841753.841753.841753.841674.12 71434.961434.961434.961355.24 81275.52127552.1116.08 91116.08956.64 10-12797.2

9. At the end of the game, the top 12 members, depending on the number of game earn bonuses.Please refer to the bonus structure won the prize.

10. After the game will provide a cash reward for the winners to Texas mahjong accounts.

11. GPI shall have the right to cancel the activity at any time, or cancel the individual member qualification.

12. GPI general terms and conditions and rules apply to this offer.

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