W88 casino, how to download the optimal DE w88 android client

Android mobile, chang to play anytime, anywhere, relaxed and safe bets, convenient mobile client, luxury enjoy exclusive acme gaming experience!

Android client download links:

Method one: Sweep out cell phone WeChat, click 【 】, scanning the box on the qr code scanning, you can also use other qr code scanning software, scanning after enter the download page.

2.Method 2:Mobile phone’s official website to download

  • Android & amp;IOS mobile: M.w88top.com
  • The blackberry & amp;Other phone: Wap.w88top.com

Download operation steps:


Qr code scanning downloads

  1. Open the WeChat, click on the top left corner “+” sign, choosing, sweep out 【 】 please ensure that the qr code scanning frame;
  2. Scan success page display content, select the top right corner, open in a browser, mobile phone background began to download.

Mobile phone’s official website link to download:

  1. Open the phone browser, enter the url, enter the website page
  2. Mobile home page, click on the “the best club (GPI) 】 & amp;”Golden club (the MGS)” can be directly to the download page.Select [Andy real casino club] & amp;[Andy club slot machines] after the jump page, click “download now” to the download page.

Installation steps: in the best club, for example,

  1. After selecting, the download is completeDownload entry, click the installation;
  2. Depending on your Internet connection, the installation may take a few minutes, please wait patiently;
  3. Installed, click open to go into the game page.

The client update: As shown in the figure below situation for the client to update, you click on the “UPGRADE” waiting for the update to complete the game.

You can also use the computer click on the following link, delivered to the mobile phone in installation:

The best club golden real casino 】 【 】

[Andy real casino club] [Andy club slot machines]

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