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03:45 on February 24, in 2016Arsenal versus Barcelona The two sides are expected to start: Arsenal: Cech, Mr Lai, mertesacker, coase Lin he, be real, Ramsey, mathieu flamini, chamberlain, every chapter, sanchez, giroux;Barcelona: , root, straw alves, javier mascherano, Gerard pique, alba, Kitty, busquets, andres iniesta and messi, SueLes, omar.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Barcelona – 0.5-1 ball.

In the champions league for seven meeting between the two, Arsenal in 1999-2000 season in the champions league group stage main negative, flat, 2005-06 season final 2-1 defeat, 2009-2010 season in the champions league quarter-final main flat, guest is negative, the 2010-2011 season 1/8 final master and guest.29 war military Arsenal 10-8-11, Barcelona 76 war British 35-2One and losing 20, the past two season’s champions league double play Manchester city.

Arsenal’s recent performance is stable, after round of league against leicester city at the stadium, the team renewed hope to win the championship, although in last weekend’s fa cup, the team’s draw with hull city, but arsene wenger to prepare for this champions league, chose nine regular rotation, shows its importance of the game, such as sanchez, quinoline people return from injury, the current Arsenal squad is neat, and although two recent Barcelona in the champions league knockout kicked out, but the gunners kept 1 win 1 draw at home against results, visible to the emirates stadium, even if is such a strong team Barcelona, also hard to account for cheap, the two teams meet again this season, believes Arsenal will not give in easily.

Barcelona’s recent performance is very strong, the weekend away victory after las palmas, had eight successive premiership team, are already in the championship hopes to leave atletico Madrid 8 points, second league title hopes, front trident state is still hot, and the macy’s return from injury, not only maintained effective scoring rate, his retreat also greatly enhanced the team’s midfield ability of organization, in addition to Barcelona in the showdown between this seasonRemains in the top competition, the league has beat Madrid masters, the champions league will also step on Rome, and under the leadership of the enrique, Barcelona last two season in the champions league away record is also improved, the game’s face old rivals Arsenal, the team won’t pull my punches.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended Barcelona to 0.5 1 ball games.

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