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08:00 on February 25, in 2016The knight vs. hornets The two sides are expected to start: Knight: Tristan da cunha, love, James Thompson, J.R. Smith, Owen;No: Zeller, melvin – Williams, batum, courtney – lee, Ken – walker.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: knight – 8.5.

The characteristics of high stability, this is James, he before February 23 and the piston, score 20 + 14 consecutive game, the state is quite stable, but in the piston of the first world war, James misfired, 5 of 18 only had 12 points and flat season single-game record minimum points, and error 6 times, both ends are too.Fatigue is a major cause of lead to James underperforming, against the hornets are knights played third game in four days time.

Knights in battle back to back at home, the Detroit pistons in the team failed to continue winning streak, it breaks again, bodyCan fully recover knight oath to return to the track, the knight with 40-15 grades ranked the top east, east team is also the only a 40 wins team, the team winning percentage is as high as more than 8 into at home, their home operations in east is second to none, at present, the knight in the array has no too big injury problems, keeping the face away ability general of the hornets, who can keep due level, home win victory completely.

Hornets five-game winning streak and recent state of the team is quite good, with nearly three serie a games are on the road, the team at ability has a great promotion season, in the near futureHornets got back from trading will courtney – lee, which greatly improved the team defence level, the main center al Jefferson has a return in the near future, at present and lot of people play the New Orleans hornets, and proving performance is positive, it challenges a rival for the hornets power of the most powerful test.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game to recommend the knight to 8.5 points.

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