Recommended – Miami heat VS warrior w88NBA matches

08:30 on February 25, in 2016Miami heat VS warriorsThe two sides are expected to start: The heat: Amare stoudemire, luol deng, Gerald green, dwyane wade, Della ji;Warrior: Andrew bogut, Raymond – green, harrison Barnes, clay – Thompson, garage.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: warrior – 8.5.

Warriors in the first world war in 102-92 victory over the hawks on road, match the warriors in 23 cases were leading the eagle was once more than, but in the end still harvest 50 wins this season.Warriors, 55 war win 50 games beyond the bulls in 1995-96 season 56 war 50 games record, became the fastest to reach 50 victories in league history.

Heat 3 in a row and recent state of the team very well, the game against the pacers, heat charge wade injury, although unit for a long time did not feel bad, but it has also contributed to 16Points, another defender ji Della scored a team-high 24 points, luol deng and whiteside have two pairs of each session, the Miami heat team offensive efficiency is not high, but the team on defense, rebounding heat alone robbed 66, including 20, offensive rebounds are keeping the face attack Nemesis, the heat or to maintain this to keep with attack of dozen to confront.

Warriors nearly two battle to win on the road in a row, and the competitors are the strength of the team, the team has met strong stronger posture, the battle away to challenge the eagle, the mighty splash brother garage and clay together to send 63 high score – Thompson,Andrew bogut and Raymond – green combined 25 rebounds, proving all play quite well, eventually the team advantage beating rivals with 10 points, and the mighty men up to 26-5 visit result also is the strongest in the league, if the trip can keep due level, the warriors away win a battle or without too much difficulty.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended warriors to 8.5 points.

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