Recommended – dynamo Kiev w88 champions league matches VS Manchester city

03:45 on February 25, in 2016Dynamo Kiev VS Manchester city The two sides are expected to start: Dynamo Kiev: Sir Khodorkovsky, antu loch, Della high also, card in di, silva, marsh, ray barr card, stoll cukor, maura jezreel, and MoLunKe, gonzalez;Manchester city: Hart, kompany, di, saba the pylon tower, cora rove, fernand dinho, yaya figureRay, silva, fernando, sergio aguero, sterling.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Manchester city – 0.5 – the ball.

The game the two teams in European history is 3 meetings, only the two teams on the Europa league had two meetings, the two teams in the 2010-11 season of 16 of the Europa league meet, Manchester city away 2-0 defeat to Kiev, Manchester city 1-0 win over rivals after back home.

Dynamo Kiev do well in this season’s champions league group stage, the team eventually push PortoWin the opportunity to progress, but because of the Ukrainian league in the long winter break, span nearly three months, so the dynamo Kiev in the near future can only rely on to find a friendly state, but friendly rivalry and rhythm of nature can’t compare with official competition, and from the perspective of the scores of recent years, dynamo kyiv have less strength level, the team in recent two years consecutive champions league.

City recent state is very poor, at the foot of the road 1:5 in the fa cup defeat at Chelsea last weekend, the team’s recent events were three losses, and lose the game key games, for the blue moonMorale is a big blow, and because the club announced ahead of next season’s coach, the team’s instant power under the influence of small, in addition, in the brow, nasri and nawaz attacking players injured, lead to Manchester city in front of the game on for transfers-will affected by a lot.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: let the hemisphere recommend Manchester city wins the game.

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