W88 optimal DE w88 】 【 German bundesliga round schedule 23, 2015-2016

03:30 on Saturday, Beijing time on February 27, 2015-2016 the German football is about to engulf 20 three games in serie a, below small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/2/27 (Saturday)03:30cologneHertha Berlin 2016/2/27 (Saturday)22:30HamburgBecause of the gore Tuesday 2016/2/27 (Saturday)22:30Werder Bremendarmstadt 2016/2/27 (Saturday)22:30Stuttgart,Hannover 96 2016/2/27 (Saturday)22:30Wolfsburg,Bayern Munich 2016/2/28 (Sunday)22:30augsburgThe door is popular 2016/2/29 (Monday)00: 30mainzBayer leverkusen 2016/2/29 (Monday)00:30Borussia Dortmundhoffenheim 2016/2/29 (Monday)02:30FrankfurtSchalke 04

Cologne VS hertha Berlin,

Germany 2015-16 season’s serie a round of 23 Friday night before a game, cologne will be at home to hertha Berlin.In the last five meetings not cologneVery cheap, has obtained three minus two flat, no victory.This time at home, team against natural desire to rewrite history.

Cologne in the bundesliga 22 games made 7-8 flat 7 scored 24 goals lost 28 ranking table 9.It’s a pity that advantage is not obvious, cologne only safe zone 7 point lead.The team to juggle will fall in the middle and lower reaches of the premier league.11 games at home made 4-4 flat 3 scored 11 10 goals, also only belong to general cologne.In the bundesliga last 6 round made two wins and two draws and status is repeated.Back in the winter break and cologne at home only 3Beat Frankfurt – 1, the first victory, only then at 1-0 defeat to borussia moenchengladbach.Hertha Berlin now high on the table, 3 in 22 games made 10-6 flat scoring 30 goals in 24 goals.Distance of the second borussia Dortmund 15 points, obvious gap, but behind bayer leverkusen and borussia monchengladbach only 1 minute.Therefore hertha Berlin to keep third, pressure is huge.At hertha Berlin 11 wars made 4 win 2 draw 5 negative result can be stated in the past.Back in the winter break five league games unbeaten hertha Berlin, achieved 4 draw 1 defeat.On a round of leagueThe hertha Berlin in the 1-1 draw at home to bayer leverkusen.

The game will be in the home game against hertha Berlin, cologne two teams in the championship the situation is not optimistic, naturally want to rob is divided into the upper.In terms of performance, the two teams are obviously not the best, most recently at the draw to cologne that owning a home, to see the high line, like its unbeaten home.But if you want to beat hertha Berlin, may also not easy, the game both sides draw the most promising.

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