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At 10:00 on February 24, in 2016Jazz VS rocketsThe two sides are expected to start: Rocket: Howard, josh Smith, trevor ariza, harden, Beverly;Sir: Gerber, pfeiffer, hayward, hood, inside.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Sir – 5.

All-star weekendIntermittent before, 6, 8 games jazz with a wave of 7 victories, distinct record movements is the result: the all-star weekend break, Sir Rocket hand in hand with the blazers to squeeze into the west, the ninth.Sir After the all-star weekend, 3, 2, and the rockets on a 116-100 victory over phoenix on the road, the rockets lead against the jazz back to the eighth in the western conference.

Sir Because nearly four regular-season games lost three games, their winning percentage has fallen to 49.1%, only 27-28, the team currently ranked only ninth in the west bank, also slumped direct dialogue with the eighth in the west bank of the rocket,Sir Knows the importance of the game, but they chip, but lack of vie because the team recent defensive play is so bad, almost five battle four regular season games have let opponents score, and even if the team scoring g. Xia He thrusting almost averaged at least 20 points, but also is unable to fill the defensive gap.And the two sides in the first two meetings this season, the jazz are ended in defeat, at that time, both sides ace performance, g. Xia He’s data core summer was significantly less than the other.Predictably, the jazz slumped at home difficult high hopes.

The rockets on the battle first game regular season’s all-star weekend, the opponent is standing inside of the sun, while the core summer’s feel is not good, but he still had a game-high 27 points to help the team with 16 points, the advantages of easy away victory.As to the insider trading deadline came close to leaving the core di waite hou living requires prove worth second half of the season, currently ranked eighth in the west bank, after all, the rockets also need his help, slumped against the jazz just need di waite hou live stand up, believe that he will be taken seriously.And recent rocket offensive firepower, nearly 8 battle when the regular season seven games best points, scoring in the array is expected in the summer of led, the rockets a prison visitSir Will storm strive to win victory.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the game the rockets have five points wins.

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