W88 optimal DE w88 】 【 France football league round of 28, 2015-2016

03:30 on Saturday, Beijing time on February 27, will soon celebrate France football league 28, 2015-2016 round, here small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/2/27 (Saturday)03:30nicebastia 2016/2/28 (Sunday)00:00ABC) receiveMrlille 2016/2/28 (Sunday)03:00guingampangers 2016/2/28 (Sunday)03:00lancebordeaux 2016/2/28 (Sunday)03:00Toulouse,Ryan 2016/2/28 (Sunday)03:00troyeslorient 2016/2/28 (Sunday)At 21:00nantesMonaco 2016/2/29 (Monday)00:00Ajaccio shawmarseille 2016/2/29 (Monday)00:00St. deancaen 2016/2/29 (Monday)04:00LyonParis st germain

Nice VS bastia.

Summary: is it going with nice round of league, loch’s 0-0 draw against bastia, the team has three league games failed to take all three points.

Nice ranking method currently sit 11 last season, the team, currently holding a 41 high French third championship;Nice nearly 3 ligue 1 race only 2 points, and the second has widened to 8 points, win this game if not, may be st. dean, Lyon, nantes, caen beyond;Nice last six games unbeaten matches at home;Nice nearly five French home unbeaten 4 win 1 draw;Nice last 5 ligue 1 event per both goals were below 2.5.

Summary: is it going with bastia league rounds, bastia LAN, the two sides in the first half of the 0-0 draw against cases, scored in the second half, 1-0 win in the end.

Bastia temporarily 34 points this season ranking method re-scheduled week 14, with relegation also widened the distance to the six points;Bastia 27 points at home this season, and poor harvest only seven points on the road, the league away record at the bottom;Bastia last 5 ligue 1 event per both goals are below 2.5 ball;Look from the two sides against trailing, bastia 10 times in the face of loch five wins and two draws three negative record prevail, coupled with the team’s recent rise, this eventBastia victory.

Nice play very well this season, bastia is still the middle level, nice has first leg win on both sides.This is to occupy the home, nice worth counting.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend nice to let the game 1 to 2 ball games.

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