Recommended – the blazers VS w88 casinoNBA matches the nets

On February 24th, 2016, 11, The blazers VS netsThe two sides are expected to start: The blazers: Radmanovic, Michael kohler, huck, Amy, mason – plame;The nets: Sloan, duke ellington, Joe – Johnson, brook lopez, thaddeus young.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Portland – 11.5.
In recent Portland (29-27) 5 in a row, the rudd seems almost impossible to stop, although Portland’s winning streak is not Mr Rudd a person’s credit.On February 24, in the face of the nets (15-41), the blazers have a very good chance of winning this season’s highest 6 wins in a row, and further consolidate their playoff berth.

The blazers play against the jazz, had five wins in a row.Prison, mike koren 31 points and three assists, radmanovic 30 points and five assists, huck les 17 points and seven rebounds.Nearly 2 games, the blazers can bomb under 126 points, itsNo double gun averaged 66.5 points, state.In front of the nets inside slouches, vladimir radmanovic and mike koren must take more responsibility on the offensive end, especially to increase the frequency of the ball breakthrough for killing the nets inside (2 people together only three free throws in the first leg).Once forced the other leading scorer lopez because of foul trouble sitting there for a long time, the blazers pressure will be on the defensive end.In addition, as the main points of bench, Henderson and carat than the state of low need to improve in the near future.

Basket of online game against the hornets, 2-3 nearly five games.A prison, lopez 16 points and 10 rebounds, Joe – Johnson 17 points, “thaddeus young 14 points and eight rebounds.In jack’s injury, Joe – Johnson state under the condition of ups and downs, basket mesh front made only 96.5 points, hit in the league than only 76 people.It in the face of the overall damage more the blazers, the nets to win on the road, largely depends on the main center lopez.But big lo keep well after the all-star game.Nearly 2 field, the field are 24.5 points 9 rebounds, shooting up to 55.2%.In addition it is worth mentioning that the nets in the seasonAway games only won four games, winning percentage is only 17.4%, the road has been 6 defeats.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game to recommend the blazers to 11.5 points.

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