W88 casino optimal DE w88 】 【 wheel 26 of the Italian football league fixtures, 2015-2016

Beijing time on February 20th 03:45 (Saturday), will soon celebrate the Italian football league 2015-2016 in six games, 20 below small make up take you preview event arrangement in advance.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/2/20 (Saturday)03:45bolognaJuventus 2016/2/21 (Sunday)01:00veronachievo 2016/2/21 (Sunday)03:45Inter milansampdoria 2016/2/21 (Sunday)22:00Atlanta,Florence 2016/2/21 (Sunday)22:00Genoaudinese 2016/2/21 (Sunday)22:00Mr Solowempoli 2016/2/21 (Sunday)22:00 Turin,Carl skin 2016/2/22 (Monday)01:00Mr Rossi’s insidelazio 2016/2/22 (Monday)03:45The RomanPalermo 2016/2/23 (Tuesday)04:00NaplesAC milan

Bologna VS Juventus in

Juventus in serie a 15 wins in a row.

Juventus are inOver the past six serie a game.

Juventus in the past eight serie a in the away game, scoring no less than two at a time.

Juventus in the past all competitions with bologna last five meetings all win.

The past events in bologna home four clash against Juventus, every time the two sides tally is less than 2.5.

Bologna’s serie a game three times in the past, each time the total scoring less than 2.5.

Juventus in the serie a game three times in the past, every time a few goalsIn 2.5.

After bologna last round to win this season’s away record of 12 wars – and this is taking control of the position of coach roberto donadoni’s work results of praise.

Juventus have just defeated napoli in one field strength strong dialogue, in the realization of 15 wins in a row at the same time, also beyond their opponents on the serie a.For “zebra” legion and napoli, the arrival of the European war will make them distracted, but Juventus won’t pass up a chance to seek hegemony again in domestic.

With Juventus current position in the league, they even lostSome points, it doesn’t matter, because they divide minutes can return to premier league title race.And momentum of bologna, they want to defending champion making threats.But with Juventus has always been cautious attitude, even if the battle with bayern Munich in the champions league is approaching, they will not easily let up in the league.

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