W88.com head-on competitors to beat back!- room allocation

Among the 96 contestants only 16 outstanding players to win prizes and successful promotion to win more cash prize!

GPI final knockout (1 day) on Sunday February 21

– room distribution

* on February 20th, please check your room.

Group A:

sequenceNo. Nickname Money 1stanleywMYR 2aoqi316RMB 3trannam678VND 4AkmalulharIDR 5domvanxuanVND 6CatFoodRMB

Group B:

Serial number Nickname currency 1khanhmajon盾 2lll111元人民币 3W882532889元人民币 4hoang1958盾 5巴兰oiaRMB 6

Group C:

Serial number Nickname Money 1wacanornotMYR
25210RMB 3AshinomotoVND 4JogankIDR 5ll4p3tIDR 6

Group D:

Serial number Nickname Money 1CheckedVND 2laoying888RMB 3BLaCKSTaRIDR 4kuangboyuRMB 5ooooo88IDR 6

Group E:

The serial number Nickname Money 1ROMERO19IDR 2tung88VND 3leiailileRMB 4oxanaVND 5gobezIDR 6

Group F:

Serial number Nickname Money 1PeterJay86最高产量研究 2majnun印尼盾 3zydkjh元人民币 4茉莉花最高产量研究 5syah印尼盾 6

Group G:

Serial number Nickname Money 1yayaRMB 2all94VND 3chanhVND 4dediIDR 5lcl150RMB 6

Group H:

The serial number Nickname Money 1ItachiVND 2tientiauwwIDR 3teiw啕5RMB 4tekingIDR 5888888RMB 6

Group I:

Serial number Nickname Money 1BrokenHits印尼盾 2xike6789盾 3baomahjong盾 4supermank印尼盾 5IWIN元人民币 6

J group:

Serial number Nickname Money 1sinakal88IDR 2baojiejieRMB 3GauxinhVND 4domvanxuanVND 5GuangRMB 6

K group:

Serial number Nickname Money 1redondoRMB 2JHJHJHRMB 3ongtrumVND 4vjet4nhVND 5Cai7RMB 6

L group:

Serial number Nickname cargoMoney 1poooMYR 2hlz9RMB 3LeslieMYR 4alvin6688MYR 5NeichingRMB

M group:

Serial number Nickname Money 11113RMB “2Zaj8xhnVND 3ARIHIDR 4toyollllIDR 5XiaoZhiRMB 6

N groups:

Serial number Nickname Money 1nontapopConsidered a 2yola2358IDR 3oji1983IDR 4PaddyVND 5ZnevRMB 6

O groups:

Serial number Nickname The money 1phoenixlauVND 2saesaeIDR 3FSGDDRMB 4Glazer88IDR 5NephrithosRMB 6

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