W88 Naples, Italy’s serie a – v AC milan

04:00 in February 23, , 2016 VS Naples AC milanThe two sides are expected to start: Naples: Reina, Zaire, albiol, adama coulibaly, ancient ram, Alan, if mourinho, ham, card column, hong, higuain, because the west’s;AC milan: Donoghue ma lu, abate, alex, the roma ollie, Anton, keisuke Honda, montolivo, umberto lachey, boehner ventura, barca, Leon.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: napoli – 1 ball.

In Naples and milan history between 141 times, milan 56-45-40 have the upper hand.Serie a clash record is also milan dominated, 54, 135 war – 43-38.But the last five meetings, milan have won only once;Since 2011, Naples, four consecutive unbeaten home game against milan.For the first time this season league clash, agile to Naples0 beat ac milan.

Naples on round of league’s 1-0 defeat to Juventus, weeks and lost in the Europa league trip to la liga giants villarreal, suffered a losing streak, expending energy midweek napoli in the champions league, milan is save your strength for a week.Naples double of the season, although strong, used to call 433 in midfield in Naples staffing seem to be some tension, marek hamsik, Alan, if, mourinho is almost made of steel, fixed midfielder’s advantage is to cooperate with each other, with a fine weakness is the lack of tactical adjustment space.Naples, two points behind JuventusRanking second championship, YouWenGang runs away in the league, if the war can be home defeat to AC milan, Naples will return to the top spot, main and napoli will try sent the game.

Wheel on AC milan 2-1 home victory after Genoa, recently obtained 9 unbeaten record every competition, AC milan are a stable orbit, the team currently ranked sixth 43 points, only 6 points from the champions league qualification, if this war can defeat the strong, for milan, to return to the first three goals are easier to implement, stall at Naples the rival, is also, Rome, FlorenceInternational milan team prefers to see things, etc.AC milan no midweek champions league, the team physically in the advantage, but AC milan landing roma ollie because of flu missed the training before the game, the game play, hit against napoli strong fear of AC milan’s defensive become a hidden danger.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Naples let the game 1 ball games.

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