W88 casino optimal DE w88 】 【 25th round of 2015-2016 Spanish football league fixtures

03:30 on Saturday, Beijing time on February 20, will soon celebrate the Spanish football league 2015-2016 in the 25th round, here small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event in .

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/2/20 (Saturday)03:30levantegetafe 2016/ 2/20 (Saturday)23:00Las palmasBarcelona 2016/2/21 (Sunday)01:15The SpanishDeportivo la coruna 2016/2/21 (Sunday)03:30Real betisSporting gijon 2016/2/21 (Sunday)05:05Celta vigoMr Anwar 2016/2/21 (Sunday)At 19:00The column of kanosevilla 2016/2/21 (Sunday)23:00malagaReal Madrid 2016/2/22 (Monday)01:15Athletic bilbaoThe royal society 2016/2/22 (Monday)01:15granadavalencia 2016/2/22 (Monday)03:30Atletico Madridvillarreal

Levante VS getafe,

The Spanish vice President levante recent state is weak, the league 3 in a row, on the integral has 5 points behind premier league team, avoid relegation pressure is more and more big;Getafe recent state is weak, four straight league defeats, slipped to the 13th, leading the relegation zone team just five points, avoid relegation is not easy, against getafe levante last season 4 points, two round first leg this season levante 0:3 out on the road, both sides of the war, is crucial to levante, power levante slightly getafe, from starting grids levante flat/half tall water disc changes to the current flat/half low water plate, banker to be badly in need of pointsLevante win confidence in enhancement, on the face plate of water such as fell to a low water area, ShengMian levante home is bigger, race color can bo bo sheng, at the current disk levante insurable unbeaten at home.


• levante Spain lost nearly 10 foot eight rounds.

• levante nearly three matches at home against getafe, each of the first half and the match at the draw.

• levante nearly three la liga, each of the first and the match were lost.

• levante nearly 5 la liga, each of the goals conceded achieves two goals or more.

• levante nearly three matches against getafe at home, the two sides tally averaging less than 2.5.


• getafe nearly 7 la liga road, both sides tally averaged more than 2.5.

• getafe in la liga 28-15 recently.

• getafe for nearly three la liga were not goals.

La liga at getafe nearly seven games, including six games, each of the goals conceded achieves two goals or more.

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