Recommended – in the champions league matches Paris st germain vs Chelsea

03:45 on February 17, 2016 the two sides are expected to start: Paris st germain: trapp, vandewalle, markey mourinho, David lewis, Kurt zawahiri, villa’s, misty edie, Lucas moura, zlatan ibrahimovic, di maria, cavani.Chelsea: Kurt tuva, baba, ivanovic, cahill, aspen skin quetta, cesc fabregas, matic, pedro, William, azar, diego – costa

Best western sports datakeeping: Paris st germain & # 8211;0.5 1 ball.

The champions league the launch of a 16 war in this week, Paris st germain in prince Paris park against Chelsea.Rare greater on round league home draw 0-0 was lille, missed the opportunity to take all three points, but the theory is to champions league retention force.The team is currently 70 points in the league.A greater stability performance on both ends of the season, the team is the continuation of the 23 unbeaten matches.Chelsea against Newcastle united last weekend and murder frontcourt at early lock a 3-0 lead and final score frames in 5 to 1.As the premier leagueState of clubs, Chelsea this season is ups and downs, the team now only 33 points league ranked 12th.Chelsea after jose mourinho after class was over, the team quickly out of the trough, at present in all competitions remain unbeaten record of 12 consecutive games.

The two clubs for three consecutive years in the champions league knockout collision of two teams in European history had six meetings, Chelsea 2-3-1 the upper hand slightly, the two teams meet in the last 16 of the champions league last season, two round competition both sides in the civil war into a 90 – minute 1-1, Paris on the second leg out Chelsea away goal advantage on overtime.In theWar in history, Paris st germain and other teams in the premier league had 11 meetings, record is only 2-5 draws and 4 defeats, but Chelsea in the champions league and outside Paris had 14 ligue 1 side meetings, record of 5-5 draws and 4 defeats.

The two teams was tight, recently two champions league meetings are a tie, and from the two teams this season and last season’s champions league clash, Paris has a certain advantage.Personnel on Paris lineup solid, the league title without any pressure, the champions league is experienced, ace zlatan ibrahimovic YueZhanYueYong, earlier and round team were rested on the main body.And although ChelseaDefence is not reassuring, lost in the past the capital of the knockout most confident, but two months unbeaten also let a person look forward to.

Recommend Paris st germain let half a ball games.

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