Recommended – the lakers VS w88NBA matches the timberwolves

On February 3, 2016 at 2016The lakers vs. the timberwolves, The two sides are expected to start: The timberwolves: Downs, duhem, prince, wiggins, rubio;The Los Angeles lakers: Hilbert, Randall, kobe Bryant, Louis Williams, clarkson.

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, the timberwolves to four points.

All the lakers’ last 10 games, history has tied team losing streak, the lakers had 10 in a row in 1993-94 season), once the lakers lost to the timberwolves, 11 in a row will be nailed to history indelibly marked.This is kobe Bryant last season, the lakers playoff unlikely, if history is a disgrace to skid to refresh the team, will be more embarrassed.February 3 game, the lakers’ home court, opponents are encountered when forests in the west the second-lowest ranked Wolf, this is “bleeding” opportunity for the lakers.

On the lakers’ 82-101 war home to defeat the hornets, the team suffered a 10 in a row, and their record in 9- 41, west to the bottom, 5.5 games behind the timberwolves at the same time.On the side of it, Russell (12 points and 3.4 assists) and clarkson (15.2 points and 2.5 assists) is nearly two years team draft a good harvest, but kobe Bryant, Williams, Hilbert average age, young people have in 30 +, the veteran currently still plays a supporting role in the team, but as they age continues to increase, the team must the action will also have a greater change, the road to the reconstruction of the lakers has only just begun.

The timberwolves on war 93-93 loss, Portland trail blazers team to eatTo when the current record 14-35.The timberwolves squad this season young again, following the wiggins (20.5) and McLovin (12.7), the top post downs (16.5) to the support team is very good, plus import rubio (9.3 points and 8.6 assists) in defence, the squad is very considerable, but it is worth noting: when the end of November last year, the timberwolves of record of 7-8 negative, and at present has in the past two months, the team is losing more than winning, less ranked second from bottom also fell to the west.

Optimal DE W88 body in the westEducation: the lakers, recommend the transferee four points wins.

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