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03:45 on February 3, in 2016Leicester in v LiverpoolLeicester: Peter schmeichel, Simpson, Morgan, Robert huth, Mr Coase, Mach rez, kt, aldrin ke walter, ORR Brighton, okazaki division, val di cautiously;Liverpool: He lai, klein, rove, nicolas sarkozy, moreno, Henderson, zhan, Lucas, rana, phil mino, James milner.

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Two clubs clash 103 times in history, 43-24-36 slightly ahead of Liverpool, including 37-20 flat 33 league.7 meetings recently, Liverpool five wins and two draws unbeaten, actually leicester in the last nine meetings also a measly 1 wins, in March 2001, when Liverpool away a 2-0 reversal.The premier league this season the first round, Liverpool at anfield with bent head, a 1-0 victory lecceThe stern.The premier league before 23 wheel, leicester win 3 draw 2 negative 47 points, 13 advantage lead cost with 3 points, and unbeaten in recent 5 round 2-3 flat;Liverpool 9-7-7 34 points ranked seventh, four rounds 1 only recently.

Leicester city on a 3-0 home win over stoke city, unbeaten record, following a home team with the stability of the play, with 47 points back to the top position at present, with Manchester city and Arsenal have 3 points.Against Liverpool in the nearly three times, fox town only one and a negative result, two not advantage.

LiverpoolAt present, with 9-7-7 34 points ranked seventh in the league, the team only for the chance of Europa.On the road in 12 games, the reds five wins 3 4, scored 16 goals and conceded 17 goals.Red balls or under intensive schedule is affected, and the war away against leicester city that do well this season, winning is difficult.

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