W88 optimal DE w88 】 【 France football league round of 24, 2015-2016

Beijing time on February 3 days (Wednesday) of 2:00, was approaching 2015-2016 French football league four rounds, 20 below small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/2/3 (Wednesday)2:00Monacobastia 2016/2/3 (Wednesday)04:00Montpellier,marseille 2016/2/4 (Thursday)2:00guingamptroyes 2016/2/4 (Thursday)2:00lillecaen 2016/2/4 (Thursday)2:00Lyonbordeaux 2016/2/4 (Thursday)2:00nantesAjaccio shaw 2016/2/4 (Thursday)2:00niceToulouse, 2016/2/4 (Thursday)2:00lanceangers 2016/2/4 (Thursday)04:00Paris st germainlorient 2016/2/5 (on Friday)04:00RyanSt. dean

Monaco VS bastia.

Monaco last season with a steady as the wall to catch up on defense, finally came in the league round of 32 marseille, won third place in the league, to ensure that this season’sChampions league qualification.Many fronts this season under the trend of the Monaco remained stable, the current league home-country crowd the 21 rounds, the team league tournament record of 9-9 flat 3 negative, second in the league, is still the favorites.Last season for the offensive end of bastia no harvest, only a total of 37 goals.Offensive is relatively weak, it is also a need to strengthen this season.Bastia this season is still in a downturn situation, the current league home-country crowd the 21 matches, the team with only 7-4-10 grades, proving imbalance is obvious.Since then only 15th place.

The game pointsAnalysis of

Monaco’s recent stability is strong, the current team has maintained the six consecutive unbeaten, record of 3-3 flat, proving inconclusive, morale, and itself is good at home advantage in the use of Monaco rob points, their current home slowly but surely, the disc can open a ball plate concessions, it serves to show confidence, bastia is so passive, in addition to attacking the weak, and also away about the downturn, the current team on the road has failed to Obama, but record is 4 flat 6, in attacking the weak, the situation of defence omissions, away insect disadvantages exposed, recently the team there is still no inverseSigns of play, this battle away, bastia can be said to be in trouble, since then suggest that the combat effectiveness relative guaranteed Monaco is better.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Monaco let the game 1 ball games.

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