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23:00 on February 6, , 2016Manchester city v leicester in The two sides are expected to start: Manchester city: Hart, cora rove, Martin demichelis, di, sagna the pylons, David silva, fernand dinho and yaya toure, sterling, the herne Joe, aguero;Leicester: Little Peter schmeichel, rich sith, Robert huth, Moore Kennedy, Simpson, ORR Brighton, Canterbury, DerekWalter, Mach les, val di, okazaki department carefully.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Manchester city – 1 ball.

The premier league on Saturday matinee on top, Manchester city at home stadium against to al-ittihad leader in leicester.Currently three points behind Manchester city leicester, this battle is likely to be decided to the premiership champions this season of “the heavenly Kings mountain battle”.

Manchester city recently, after all, in their squad in the premier league would not be hard to get good grades.The team now showed stronger than everForce, such as the wheel’s 1-0 win over sunderland is just the embodiment of this ability.Team not only high price to buy a star now, grow your own player but also show the glory, such as Nigeria striker giuseppe izzy, Joe is the largest youth team found that now he has replaced the boni place in the team, also for aguero in the frontline found a good partner.

Leicester city in jing can use to describe this season, dazzling and dazzing.If someone says to you at the beginning of the season the top spot now they can you would think each other crazy.But the fact is happened, and from now onTheir view of a black is not impossible.The squad is not very good, but the complete outfit let them in the league a stroke.Centre-back pair and hu unique Morgan very rich experience in the premier league, and to strike the trident okazaki shen, val di and Mach the combination agitation, rolling up the premier league.

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