Recommended – Spanish VS w88 Spanish league matches of the royal society

On February 9, 2016 in the early hours of Tuesday morning 03:30 la liga solo Hershey, love the guest slave with the royal seuss da will be on the former home.Love the guest slave status is bad, and the royal seuss also performed up to the recent visit, difficult to live up to expectations, the two sides meet this battle tightness at the opportunity and the great.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Spanish – 0.

The Spaniard today play a disappointing season, the team is currently with 6-4-12 league ranked 15th.Spanish eight games is devastated,Team morale is very low.The Spaniard last round away the challenge Real Madrid, the team has no force of any strike back, in the first half it 4-0 behind in advance to disarm.Both teams had a season with a clash, when the Spaniard away from 3 to 2 going over the royal society.Al and sanchez, Kaiser injury for this round of competition.

Royal society also underperformed the ideal this season, the team at the moment, only 24 points league ranked 13th.The royal society a beat real betis 2-1 in a sweep round defeat away from 1 to 5 before gijon haze.But the royal society against the mediocre, the team is experiencingSeven on the road be awkward movements.Royal society for nearly three la liga road, both sides tally averaged more than 2.5.Team wounded more, nawaz, connor les, ASHLEY thunder cut, martinez injured fighting the enemy cannot.

Recommend the Spaniard draw plate.

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