W88 go to far won more and more!

in one-on-one hit 1 to 1 on the battlefield, who can go at the end of the day is your 27052 yuan!

Rules and terms:

GPI spring finals (on Monday on February 22, 2016, 2 days)

1.Tournament rules

1.1 GPI spring finals: one-on-one hit game (2 days)

1.2 how to attend: GPI lunar New Year in the NBA finals: knockout (day 1) win free tickets in

1.3 number: 16

1.4 the game type: by

1.5 table Settings:Two players at each table

1.6 championship will begin on February 22, 2016 at 21:00 on Sunday night,

(Beijing time)

(2) regulations

Only 2 people to participate in the

2.1 championship

2.2 how to start:

2.2.1 participating players need to wait in Texas mahjong game hall.

2.2.2 system will be automatically registered in the competition for the player.

2.3 GPI shall have the right to refuse any application and instead of the participants in the raceThe behavior of the game.

2.4 the final registration time as in return (Beijing time).

3. There will be 16 winners get a ticket, enter the GPI finals – one-on-one hit bounty

lunar New Year

4. After the match began, not in time to attend the player will lose the qualification of the game.

5. All awards sponsored by GPI provides.

6. Tournament list updates, click here to see.

7. One-on-one hit level

  • 8.
  • bonus structure

Level 1RMB 388 / per person Level 2RMB 888 / per person Level 3RMB 3888 / per person

The fourth levelFirst place: RMB 21888,
Second: $8888,
Third: 3888 yuan

9. The end of the game after check, bonus will be added to your Texas mahjong wallet.

10. Click here to query the Texas mahjong preferential common problems in the New Year.

11. Optimal DE W88 shall have the right at any time cancel this offer to all players or individual player.

12. Optimal DE w88 general terms and conditions and rules apply to this offer.The

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