Recommended – Brighton VS w88 casino championship matches the wolves

23:00 on January 1, , 2016Brighton VS wolvesThe two sides are expected to start: Brighton: Stoke dyer, felipe calderon, goodson, meal grams, Bruno, murphy, al, stephens, para, tomer hemed, James Wilson.Wolves: Iqbal mai, doherty, Randall, bath, Mr Hua, Cody, MacDonald, graham, Edwards, Henry, Alfred.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Brighton let the hemisphere.

Beijing time on 1 January 23 points, England football champions league Brighton 25th round will be at home against wolves.Brighton’s recent slump, the team currently ranking fourth league after five games.Good momentum of wolves in the near future, on a road after a 2-0 victory over charlton made 2 wins, currently ranked eleventh.Two teams this season first match, the two sides at wolverhampton wanderers at 0-0.

Brighton in the first half has been the leadingRing a lot, at present to concede to 32, is lost the ball sits most of the premier league.Wolves is a feature of the season strong main weak, side road can even ranked seventh in the league.

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