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03:00 on January 5, in 2016Sporting gijon VS getafe, The two sides are expected to start: Sporting gijon: Ancient Egypt al/roller, under her, Melanie Gideon, lopez/caces, mas karel/harry los veitch, endy, horney/Sana in.Getafe: Melon tower/damian, Carla, Alexis, lago/rodriguez, larson/Sarah biya, victor, lafite tower/plugBove.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: 0.5 ball sporting gijon.

03 jan 05, the early hours of Monday morning Beijing time, Spanish league is about to usher in a new round of competition, the sporting gijon will be at home against getafe.Sporting gijon is 15 points ranked 17th, only one point above the relegation zone.Round of league in the recent bad team status, on the road to 2-0 defeat to Mr Anwar, a league two defeats.And getafe currently in west re-scheduled week 14 of 17 points, three points above the relegation zone.They have alreadyOf four consecutive matches unbeaten, but only in the king’s cup against valle carnot gain victory.

Sporting gijon should allow outsize attacking style, they rely on new building steel line in the west b got a second in the league last season, the best awards ceremony last month in the west b, Mr Khoja goalkeeper and defender espinoza was both west second best.La liga early they continued the defensive counter-attack, although draw the real Madrid, but didn’t score in the first three games, after hard attack, defense and not stand the test of la liga, recent gamesBeat from 1-5, only the second differential las palmas, although they lost to Mr Anwar in their last game, but the game is to create a few good opportunity.Sporting gijon in several main comeback in succession recently, main striker that ms leah state good, the face from the worst getafe, they should have some confidence.

Following the previous away after the 2-2 draw with valencia, this week in the 0-0 draw against getafe again at home are good deportivo la coruna, nearly 4 game 1 win 3 draw unbeaten.This weekend against sporting gijon, getafeThe continuation of this state.Getafe, however, who dare not flatter really, so far away from home has never achieved victory this season, record for 2-6, the last league trip back last season, winning 1-0 away last April 10, overturned elche, and since then, getafe away across the league season 12 wars and losing 10.Based on the key points, even if the game ace kerry can send all main, but should not win their prospects look good.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended sporting gijon 0.5 ball games.The

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