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04:00 in January 27, , 2016Lille VS bordeauxThe two sides are expected to start: Lille: Mark – build Ann, and dimensional force, west causeway bay, cole, Rio mavuba, Jacques don bosco, Mr Buddy, Boolean method, barr, thayer road, zia;Bordeaux: Carla, paro, ponti, Fidel castro, gul Herbert, check tomei, katz, jaric, Maurice, Bella,”Witt, diego – Roland.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: lille to 0-0.5.

League cup semi-final first field will be at boni’s ace ball field, by lille against bordeaux.Lille last round 1:3 not enemy spy kupi league games at home and now has four league games in the premiership, slump, 25 points in the league now 14.Bordeaux on round league were level at 2-2 draw away with nantes, 30 points currently ranked eighth in the league, 4 points behind from the war.The team is facing three fronts, players inAre subjected to a lot of physical fitness test, this visit is really should not be overestimated.

Lille last weekend had a genuine warmth of the game, they had a 3-1 scoreline at home by vice President troyes, gave troyes first victory of the season.Considering this week in the league cup match, the team main part to leave as is understandable, but apparently lille overestimate the power of the team bench, especially as a substitute of defensive ability, after backward part of the main play until it was too late, but from another perspective, the team for the carling cup match is quite seriously.

Bordeaux over the weekend had failed to win, they are on the road to the score of the 2-2 draw by nantes, lille and somewhat similar, the team also kept most of the team, they are visible to the importance of the game.Recently bordeaux condition is quite good, all competitions, the team has accumulated 11 games unbeaten, which includes both domestic league, the domestic cup competitions, and in Europe, these a few season play is generally better than that of the season, the second half of the season and as the team to win the championship, the French league cup once they can say no in the carling cup experience behind any team.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended lille to 0-0.5 – the game.

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