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09:00 on January 3, 2016, The spurs VS rocketsDouble the starting: Rocket: Howard, card peralta, trevor ariza, harden, Beverly.The SAN Antonio spurs: Duncan, lamarcus aldridge, Leonard, Danny green, parker.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: SAN Antonio to 11 points.

On Sunday morningFocus of a battle, 9:30, the NBA regular season west all-star guard James harden led the rockets at the SAN Antonio spurs start again with the traditional giants Texas Derby.It was two teams this season regular season 2 meetings, the spurs had lost on the road to the rockets this season, it meet again, in-form the spurs are expected to use a victory to revenge.

The SAN Antonio spurs in last 11 games to win 10 games, the team form, in this season the spurs scored 19 wins at home, and is averaging can margin up to 16.4 points, its home ability strong, the battle againstThe sun, the SAN Antonio spurs in the absence of Duncan still won 33 points, the team still keep on playing more than usual squad rotation mode, the team can keep strong team from attack to keep sex, pressed against the strength not rocket, the spurs win at home should be without too much difficulty.

Rocket in the near future to swallow 3 in a row, the team state concern, the battle in the home game against the lack of core and tough back-to-back warriors, the rockets still failed to win grasp the opportunity, the team well in attack, Howard and harden has beautiful personal data presentation, the rockets team rushing played quite well, but the team defensive laxThe old do not change, the team was cast by the opponent more than 5 shooting, the rockets finally pay the loss cost, it challenge the heyday of the SAN Antonio spurs, could the rockets visit was fall down again.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the rockets won the transferee 11 points.

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