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08:30 on January 3, in 2016Knight vs. magicThe two sides are expected to start: Magic: Wu has cut, fry, tobias – Harris, rich, yeah, el Fried paton.Knight: Tristan da cunha, love, James Thompson, J.R. Smith, Owen.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: knight to nine points.

On Sunday morning 8:30, NBA regular season east focus of a battle, little emperors lebron James led the east the army Cleveland cavaliers at home against the Orlando magic.It was two teams this season regular season 3 meetings, knight victory magic twice this season, it and hand them in home, the advantage of the knight is certainly worth high.

Knight nearly two battle to win on the road in a row, the team state credit, the knight with 21-9, ranking the top east team is 13-1 the success at home, home is extremely strong, powerfulOwen, mo Williams and potter recently that several big injuries are returned, the team with a well-balanced lineup unprecedented, from the point of overall performance this season, the knight was a staggeringly capable defensive team, and after personnel neat team’s offensive firepower will gain great development, it in front of the magic back to back, knight will easily miss so to win this opportunity.

Magic on the battle has just been on the road after a fierce battle with the wizards, it back-to-back strangers, people is tired and rapid progress at the magic this season and the team currently ranked top in the east, and the team offensive and defensive efficiency is also very good, this team is the largestThe characteristics of the position is on the field of power relative to the average, the team offensive selectivity, and its cast structure is relatively young, it is worth mentioning is still a relatively general magic away, the team at knight has lost the last 14 points, it team to back-to-back beating rivals will not be easy.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the knight to nine points wins.

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