Sir recommended – rocket VS the NBA matches

On January 8, 2016 started: 09:00 expected rocket: Beverly, harden, trevor ariza, card peralta, Howard;Sir: inside, hood, hayward, lyles, Whitney,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: rockets to 8.5 points.

5 at Salt Lake City, the rockets finally rebound, they narrowly beat the jazz 93-93, they ended the 4 in a row.In 5, against the jazz, the rockets successful rebound to victory, defensiveAscension is a key to win them.Returned at home against the jazz, the rockets want to keep this kind of defensive, they will do everything to win in a row.

Rocket had previously experienced a wave of the regular season when, luckily, they did not continue to sink, the battle in front of the jazz disabled full camp, thanks to harden and di waite hou to live a good play, the team away game stopped, to some extent this boosted the morale of the players.In fact harden and di waite hou to live as long as the work, ability, no doubt, the battle on the combination with 46 points, 18 rebounds and eight assists, due to the position of the west bank in the first eight rocketIs not too strong, so the two team bosses will continue to stand up, for better qualified for the team, so they are now fighting spirit must be high.In addition, the rockets have experience in recent years at home playing jazz, nearly three times at home in the face of the jazz are harvested victory, the players clearly for optimal psychological aspect, the double in this battle, of course, like Houston.

On the recent situation with slide, battle after the defeat to the spurs, they encountered the regular season two defeats, players present worrying.Keep in mind, the jazz’s recent attack is quite weak, they nearly six battle scored only 1 break the regular season, it obviously can’t giveThreaten his rivals.More serious problem is that the jazz disabled full camp, method of grain, a. bellotte, r. high Bert and dandi YiSu are injured, they will not be able to play this battle and it makes the short major-general Sir To cast A pall over.You also need to mention is that jazz has recently suffered a losing streak at six, the team has no away fighting, they nearly six times in the face of the rockets lose five foot, strength significantly less than the opponent.

Recommend the rockets to 8.5 points.

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