W88.com recommended – Mr Anwar VS la liga matches las palmas

03:30 both sides are expected to start in January 2016, 8: Mr Anwar: lo, Mr Lamy, pursing tower, in pantic, luna, Adrian, Barrett, knight, the ba o @ Mr Baruch, reina, ms nooyi, buss meal;Sok an, aldi in las palmas: les, al callas, garrido, Custer jarno, guri barack, vicente, zardari, Barrett, lung, momo, Allah wu huo

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Mr Anwar 0.5 ball.


Mr Anwar and las palmas two Spanish teams met in the king’s cup of 16, for both sides who qualify last eight is a big breakthrough, it is not often appear in their previous king cup things.

As last season’s championship Mr Anwar, the result has the very big improvement this season.Faded rookie last season, this season shows very strong stability, which is why it is now able to league ranked eighth place.Team’s recent performance is more on the offensive, four games recently scored 10 goals this doesn’t look like oneOf playing against the defensive team, in the forward barstow showed very good competitive state, one scored three goals, it also blows the horn of their offense.Team in the past few seasons never break through 16 of the king’s cup, this year in the case of pressure is not big league position is an excellent chance to break through their bottom line, believe the team will not easily give up this chance.

Las palmas 16th in the league now, cruel avoid relegation pressure their breath, the team can be ranked 16th is mainly rely on home record, but the team on the roadShow no combat power, of course, the wheels can draw bilbao is a surprise.Teams play major counterattack, but this is only confined to their home, by definition away tend to be more suited to counter the characteristics of the but they always lack of motivation and confidence on the road, they would be happy to look at struggles at home, and one to the road will be surrendered.

Recommend Mr Anwar 0.5 ball games.

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