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09:00 on January 9, , 2016The timberwolves VS knight, The two sides are expected to start: Knight: Tristan da cunha, love, James Thompson, J.R. Smith, Owen;The timberwolves: Downs, Kevin garnett, prince, wiggins, rubio.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: knight make 10 points.

Four of them gathered in the game, draft James in 2003, 2011 top Owen, 2014 top wiggins and 2015 top downes, four will compete.James recently state well, had 34 points and 10 rebounds against the wizards.After Owen in the play the better, the last two games a total of 57 points, two games shooting 62%.The timberwolves wiggins and downs recently.Wiggins shooting only 39% over the past eight games, downs recently 3 games stadium 10 points and shooting 35.9% and 9 battlefield averaging 20 points than beforeIs totally changed.

Minnesota recently swallowed 4 in a row, the team state concern, in this wave of losing streak, wolves averaging net to lose up to 12.3 points, team offensive and defensive efficiency is quite bad, since the season wolves record only is 12-24 negative, and their home record is as low as 5-14, and is averaging 5.6 points and team effectiveness is not at home, the war against the residual of the Denver nuggets, wolves attack dint is surprisingly weak, in downes, wiggins and rubio main war were not state, team is no guarantee, offensively it against strong knight, even the Wolf teamOnly to lose less when the win.

Knight five-game winning streak and recent state of a great team, recently the knight’s lineup has reached an unprecedented neat, its enormous power increases, the battle of knight scored in the past two more than 120 points, the team currently runs of desire is strong, the battle in the face of the wizards, Owen continued good feel is scored 32 points and high score, James has scored a team-high 34 points and 10 rebounds, j. r. Smith had 25 points, knight offensive performance extremely sharp, the team will present status does not, it challenges force limited wolves, who can keep normal level,The team win away completely.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended knight to 10 points wins.

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