W88.com recommended – warrior VS Miami heat the NBA matches

On January 12, 2016, at 2016Warrior VS The two sides are expected to start: The heat: DE la ji, dwyane wade, deng, Chris bosh, whiteside;Warrior: Curry, Thompson, rush, green, as described.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: warriors to 13.5 points.

The warriors (35 -2) condition is good, they have won six straight, 12, they will return to home game against the Miami heat (22-15).Garage to keep shooting touch, Thompson and green also want to continue the recent performance, they will lead the team continue unbeaten home through 7 wins in a row.Miami just suffered a defeat, but their performance this season against western conference teams hit, dwyane wade and Chris bosh led to win over the defending champions.

Warriors was unequaled in the season, they have been built into one of the most powerful small in NBA history.The warriors 35-2 leading the league, which is also the warriors prehistoric 3The best record in the seven games.On a scene for the king’s game, the team once feel bad, but in the final stage in the second quarter, gradually recovered the abnormal quasi state in the Treasury, and took over the game, cut down the 38 points, 11 assists and assists the number of record this season.DE Raymond – still robust and efficient, green scored 25 points and nine rebounds.This face a east force, the warriors need to prove himself at home.

The heat is still a east force, currently in the eastern part of the state and the union was ranked fifth.But the team is not stable, as dwyane wade, Chris bosh age increase, the team championshipBackground is gradually disappear.This season is adequately, the overall performance of the play is not stable recently, in the face of strength is not strong the knicks, and jazz, a condition against the jazz, the team leader wade scored 8 points only.This against the oracle arena, the heat run.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended refusal under 13.5 points wins.

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