Recommended – rocket VS w88NBA matches the timberwolves

09:00 on January 14, , 2016Rocket VS the timberwolves, The two sides are expected to start: The timberwolves: Rubio, wiggins, tayshaun prince, duhem, downs;Rocket: Beverly, harden, trevor ariza, card peralta, Howard.

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, the rockets let nine points.

Rocket (20-19) continue to win streak, 4 in a row they again, winning more than 50% of them in 14, is expected to return to the home game against the timberwolves (12-27).Harden and Howard will continue to play a leader role in leading the team, they also need the support of his teammates, the rockets want to maintain a strong shock five-game winning streak.The timberwolves have 8 defeats, downs inside to Howard trouble, wiggins, rubio and others must strive for the road led to rebound.

In the away game against the grizzlies, the rockets hit, especially in the fourth quarter, they hit a 19 – attack of the 5 orgasmFor establishment of victory.The rockets get 4 in a row after the victory, more important is their odds and more than 50%, 14 back to the home, the rockets will attack continue winning.Harden as team leader, he still bring stability, the last time he got against timberwolves 33 points, eight assists and five steals, team need to he can continue the good state.

Timberwolves losing streak has had 8, 13 in their home defeat by the thunder team, though, they lost the ball can be timberwolves showed good effectiveness, especially at the last minute they often made a big threat for the thunder team.willyPerkins to stay aggressive to impact the rockets’ defense, garnett may rest, but they still have downs, duhem inside players, such as they will play more aggressive, efforts to pressure the rockets inside.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the game the rockets for nine points wins.

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