W88.com recommended – NBA matches the bulls VS Dallas

09:00 on January 16, , 2016 bulls VS DallasThe two sides are expected to start: Bull: Ross, butler, rice Luo Diji, Gibson, gasol;The Dallas mavericks: Deron Williams, Matthews, parsons, dirk nowitzki, palmer ChuLi.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: let 2.5 points.

Saturday morning 9:00, the NBA regular season a bullfight battle, the youngest MVP derrick rose led the Chicago bulls at home against veteran all-star dirk nowitzki leading the Dallas mavericks.It was two teams this season regular season 2 meetings, the bulls this season away to defeat the mavericks, won it to fight again, the bull shi relying on a city back at home of up and down.

Bull’s recent swallow 3 in a row, the team are keen to stop bleeding, with a victory as a match near 6 into force, the bulls at home to keep up to 16 – six grades, team ability, no doubt, at home to arguablyHas numerous bulls squad will Star Wars is not weak, but the team will coexist in the field of, this is not the main reason for the higher achievements bulls, it face the cowboy, the bulls will start from the defense, on the way to cite more than the spurs squad rotation mode to against the enemy, so also coexist star to solve difficult problems.

Dallas recently swallowed two consecutive defeat, the team are also very bad, compared with the bulls, the mavericks in veteran, teams in the relatively slow pace, and the team this season, away to performance in general, it is averaging 2.5 points are still on the road, on the battle away to challenge the thunder,Back-to-back combat calf just ask dirk, deron Williams, firm, parsons and the five big Lord Matthews were rested nature cannot and thunder challenge, so the team after it breaks the mavericks will the fitness has been restored, if the trip can at both ends play more rich team, the team had to win the opportunity.

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