W88.com the fourth Chinese player to win world mahjong competition force pressure in Japan

December 5 to 6, successfully held smoothly in the Venetian Macao, the world’s largest formal world-class mahjong sports event, hosted the fourth since mahjong attracted from all over the world.It is understood that the first three of the mahjong world all is by the Hong Kong Chinese players won the title, after repeatedly for Zhao Jianli pressure from jiangsu lianyungang China players from Japan, the champion of the tournament.

By the WORLD competition management co., LTD. (WORLD MAHJONG LTD) hosted the fourthWorld mahjong competition was held in Macao Venetian hotel.Long-term strategic partner finches friend provides the blessed with nearly 100 sets of game machine, sparrow, and formed the “bird friendly team”, hundreds of mahjong gathered from all over the world, by the exquisite CARDS is friendly, mutual competition for the contest “king world finches” honorary title.Mahjong world pageant is currently the top mahjong games, the world’s biggest prize of the high amount of participation, the extent of impact, effects on competitive mahjong the spread and development of far-reaching significance.

2015 world mahjong contest champion zhao jian,

Zhao from jiangsu lianyungang, alliance (CMF) is a competitive mahjong player, getting good record in this competitive mahjong alliance, in 32 16 contestants from the alliance, shows the competitive in the international arena of mahjong alliance level is high;Access after the game, the champion zhao said, “his contact mahjong at an early age, although the performance is not very good in the preliminaries, but in the end all became the champion, is related to his luck.”whileBefore that, the labor is a lawyer, he fought in the sanya group championship and individual runner-up of mahjong games, this time in the fourth mahjong competition won the title is said to be a new height of mahjong athletics.Mahjong is the popular forms of entertainment projects, can also serve as the competition become healthy and positive culture agitation recognised by all over the world, let us witness the quintessence rushed out of the country, to go global.

With one elimination system, two days of the game’s internationally recognised mahjong game rules – “world mahjong competition rules” easy to learn, in a systematic and can identifyMahjong player’s strength, but also ensure that each player can play 16 rounds, will not be eliminated, early to let players can have enough time and opportunities to develop their own technology, reduce the luck of mahjong athletics.Participate in the event there is no lack of star players, including Chinese artists from Taiwan nail in xu, sabrina, mingjie kuang also involved, more in the first three contest winners include: 2007, 2008 and 2010 annual champion Xu Zong Mr Li, Mr Guo-xiong he and Mr Chen Dequn also renewed competition, competing with many players.

The most decisive battle to December 6thAfter the last four, atmosphere is dignified, among the four players coincidentally the representatives from different areas, including for the first time to participate in the event of the representative of China zhao, professional players from Japan suzuki aso, from China’s Hong Kong li colts and less from China Taiwan zheng-long peng, each breath of a live audience, the right player cheer for oneself, looking forward to the birth of a world champion.By eight is leading all the way Japan’s suzuki aso once clear of the second player percentage, but in the last race, by the Chinese player zhao in advance, become the mahjong world competition held since 2007, the first from ChinaThe winner of the mainland, to win honor for the country indeed, validation was held in guangzhou China always plays in the finals in November when the promise: champion in China!

It is understood that the nearly 100 sets of game machine provided by the strategic partners finches friend.Finch friends as advocate and facilitator of domestic professional mahjong games, successively held in domestic professional mahjong games nearly a field.During the finches friends also launched “millions of birds friends offered this, offer mahjong properties for my heart,” the initiative of activity, but also get the support hundreds of millions of people, at the same time sparrow friends of mahjong machine is also appear as the role of “the general”In people’s life.Finch friends through all kinds of brand competition, but also cultivate a batch of folk “king of birds” and “sparrow” and other top Chinese folk and professional player, this is carefully organized eight “bird friendly team” for the “king of the world finches”, including domestic all kinds of competition, has repeatedly won the sea katyn, Yang lei, ke-qiang zhang and so on one batch of mahjong.

It is understood that the diversity of the rules of mahjong in Asia and all over the world, this world will use easy to learn mahjong competition, systematic and can identify mahjong players capability of the mahjong world pageant rules, based on the competitive mahjongPoints, entertaining and competitive, adopt single knockout, four games by 1 day for the top 32, 2 days 4 bureau eventually produce top 4, China Taiwan zheng-long peng get use, Chinese Hong Kong contestant li third place less colts, Japan’s suzuki aso runner-up, 36, mainland Chinese player zhao, namely the contest finally “king world finches”, and won more than hk $40 bonus and mahjong necklace of pure gold.Tencent team oi chan cheong, jian wang into the top eight.Finch friends team at sea are also had the opportunity to enter the top 32.

The competition achieveA complete success, the tense atmosphere full of stimulation, especially the ultimate battle phase, more exciting, the quintessence of mahjong athletics development and promotion has far-reaching significance and influence.One player said: “this is a fair, just and irresistible, there are professional, high quality, first-class technical professionals at home and abroad, competition is fierce, very entertaining and athletics, is helpful to promote the development of sports of mahjong. If given the chance I’ll be back at the next competition.”

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