Recommended – SAN Antonio VS Dallas w88NBA matches

08:00 January 18, 2016 the two sides are expected to start: SAN Antonio: parker, Danny green, Leonard, lamarcus aldridge, Duncan;Calf: deron Williams, Matthews, parsons, dirk nowitzki, palmer ChuLi

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: SAN Antonio to 11.5 points.

The Dallas mavericks after two defeats were lost to the knight and thunder, and war on their road to (+ 0.5 to 2.5) 83-77 victory over the bulls, stop losing streak tendency, the team nowRecord 23-18, continue to fifth place in the western conference;The spurs made 10 wins, and the team won 35 about 6 to held the second seed in the west and it is worth noting: now the spurs and the top of warriors have narrowed to 2.5 games, leading the mavericks 12 games at the same time.

The spurs in the near future, building and margin 16.4 PPG, excellent team status, the spurs this season averaging only 89.8 points per game, the team defense league, top of the wave in a row, the spurs scored only one game has been broken and people on the court can maintain strong defensive consciousness, and inFlexible in the spurs game is on the offensive end, the team in numerous focal point, the whole team offensive fits very well, the more it is worth mentioning the spurs home no losses this season, the team were the best team alliance performance at home, if it can keep normal level, the spurs won completely is not a problem.

The mavericks on battle on the road victory over the bulls, the team was able to get rid of a row, the team morale encouraged, compared with the spurs, mavs team do not necessarily young, instead the team main force structure are still more old, and the squad is to form a new season, but the old players running-in between each other to be successful, the teamAt present on the court also has the positive of the universal combat mode, but the mavericks overall capabilities or cannot be compared with the SAN Antonio spurs, mavs this season away all still be net lost 2.5 points, it challenges the SAN Antonio spurs the devil, so against the ability of the cowboy really how much chance to win.

Recommend the mavericks refusal under 11.5.

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