Recommended – thunder vs. lakers w88NBA matches

On January 9, 2016 at 2016The thunder vs. lakers The two sides are expected to start: Thunder: Weiss brooke, robson, Kevin durant, the barca, Adams;The Los Angeles lakers: Clarkson, Williams, kobe Bryant, nantes, siebert.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: thunder to 13.5 points.

The lakers and thunder power has obvious gap, zijin corps to win is very difficult, but anything is possible, in the first two meetings this season, the lakers’ loss to the thunder 75 points, has created a number of embarrassing record, it in the staples center, kobe need led the fight for dignity, since March 10, 2014, the lakers never win at home, this time, Peter will lead all out.

Although the lakers beat the celts once before, seventy-six, and the sun in his longest of the season, but the recent 2 battle with yongAnd when they were back to prototype, emperor are the first from bottom they still in the west bank.The lakers defense is really fragile, the team lost the regular season averaged score of 105.8 points this season, the defensive efficiency ranked last in the NBA.In addition, the lakers nearly 10 times in the face of the thunder lost nine games, at the end of the season in the first two meetings of the former is averaged net negative opponents to 37.5 points, this shows the current disparities between both parties, the lakers battle at home today another blow.

In the recent 1 battle home game in the face of the grizzlies, durant volunteered, he 7 of 8 shots in the second half and fullTotal scored 26 points, and wes bok 18 points to lead the thunder to beat the grizzlies to return to the track.It is worth mentioning, after this battle, durant career total score the ascent to 16307, beyond the horse bailey rise to historical ninety-seventh in the league in scoring.Thunder last three battle away victory, durant and wes bok both scored more than 20 points, this battle away to beat the lakers thunder is really easy.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended thunderbolt to 13.5 points.

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