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08:30 on January 12, , 2016The nets vs. the spursThe two sides are expected to start: The nets: Larkin, bogurda Norwich, Joe – Johnson, Yang, lopez.The SAN Antonio spurs: Parker, green, Leonard, lamarcus aldridge, Duncan.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: SAN Antonio to 14 points.

The netsBattle with 14 points by piston fled, the team all in four games ended in defeat, and is averaging 11.5 points defensive loopholes, due to a number of first-class international leave in the matrix, this season, the nets have become real three-point banker forces, this battle host traditional powers the spurs, the nets also escape defeat fate, I’m afraid.On the spurs YueZhanYueYong recently, battle 3-2 win after the knicks, the team had a wave of seven successive premiership games at the same time, nearly 10 won nine feet morale, this visit brooklyn, the spurs win no difficulty.

The nets official today announced that coach hollins and totalManager Billy – gold class at the same time, by the assistant coach for the time being.Since the nets only 10 about 27 14th in the east, and the team over the next few years draft picks have been trading, internal management is a mess.Team did not establish a true ace spiker, Joe – Johnson dropped significantly, the season field goal percentage and 3-point percentage is below forty percent, while his big contract will expire until next summer.The whole team is like a stalled, players have no will to fight, now is under 28-15.

The spurs are, good shape during a 7 wins in a row, the record 32-6, complete linkageAu is second only to the warriors.Among 7 wins in a row, the spurs first six games and are able to margin of 20.3 points, until game challenges, narrowly beat the knicks with 1 points.Visible to more than half of last season, the spurs has reached a fairly good condition, adebayor and Leonard has formed a new ace, while GDP hale and hearty, can still play a key role in some of the game.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the spurs to 14 points wins the game.

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