W88.com recommended – eagle VS bulls NBA matches

Surf on January 10, in 2016The eagle VS bullsThe two sides are expected to start: Bull: Ross Jimmy M Luo Diji Gibson gasol;The eagle: Teague warren Paul milsap Bates Moore al horford.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: the eagle let two points.

The eagle at home against maleAn ox.Eagle this season is more difficult, since insider blessing carol leave team change is too big, overall system and tactics have changed, but the effect is not ideal, in addition to this, the team’s point guard schroeder recently in foolishness, ups and downs, individual morale of instability, the eagle was fifth in the east.The bulls bottoming out recently, record once promoted, beat the celtics had 6 on a winning streak, the current in the eastern part of the 22 wins, 12 not common in the second place.

The eagle last three starts to encounter the knicks home and away double, pain during slaughter after 76.Two games with the knicks are netLose 10 points, the team status is worrying.Originally the eagle team battle is a very good team, especially on the defensive end, but lose two games is the knicks scored 109 points, the defense is really disappointing.The team currently offensive efficiency is not high also.While facing the rest of 76 people, the eagle firing under 126 points margin 28 points, but the eagle relative last season setbacks this season.

The visiting team recently had six bulls in a row.Recently this period of time the bulls firepower fierce, team scored in this wave of winning streak averaged 108 points, far more than the team scored an average level of the season.Against the bucks,Bulls had 117 points, a butler had 32 points and 10 assists, pau gasol had 26 points, 11 rebounds and five assists 3 blocked shots.In the face of the celtics, gasol 17 points and 18 rebounds and 4 assists, excellent condition.As the teacher of former dynasty laid a solid foundation, experienced team, feel is stable, butler rose continue to blossom, the insider is domineering sliding sideways, bench more reliable.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended bulls have two points wins.

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